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OunJanice McClam, Class of 2013

OunJanice McClam

OunJanice McClam is an Administrative Assistant with the South Carolina State Employees Association (SCSEA). SCSEA is a non-profit, non-partisan organization focused on advocating and maintaining benefits for current and retired state employees. OunJanice graduated with an Applied Associate Degree in Administrative Office Technology (AOT) and Office Support Specialist Certificate from Midlands Technical College in 2013. She also completed a Diploma in Business Office Technology from Augusta Technical College in 2009.

As the Administrative Assistant for SCSEA, OunJanice prepares documentation for all meetings throughout the year, plans events including the annual retiree BBQ and updates the association’s website monthly with special member discounts. She works with Jane Napier to find interns from the Administrative Office Technology program at Midlands Technical College. OunJanice spends time training these students, emphasizing the importance of learning the skills to be successful in their position. She is always willing to answer their questions and shows her appreciation for their work through lunches and fun contests. As a mentor, she loves that she is able to give back to the program that taught her. “Midlands Technical College gave me the hands-on approach that I needed as an Administrative Assistant. I was prepared when I started my job because of the teaching style Midlands Technical College offers.”

OunJanice finds her profession rewarding and says she has “a great job that I love and that allows me to move up in the company.” For OunJanice, the only stressor she finds in her profession is the “amount of work that’s given on a daily basis.” She has found that some days can be more overwhelming than others, however, she cannot plan on which days will be busy. “Usually when I have a lot of work to do, I create a task list so I can be organized. I put the list in order pertaining to how important it is and when it needs to be sent out or completed. Once I finish each item, I cross it off on the list.”

The most important personal qualities for someone interested in an administrative assistant position include “being a team player and being willing to learn anything in the administrative field.” For students interested in entering her profession, OunJanice expresses that student “should take their education seriously, pay attention to the small things, and learn as much as possible.” She encourages students to take notes and ask questions.

OunJanice is grateful to have a position that allows her to have time for her sons. She has two boys, ages 7 and 11. In her spare time, she loves to read and enjoys cooking, especially her favorite food, lasagna. “I like to experiment by cooking it differently every time I make it. Sometimes I use ground turkey, chicken, or beef. I like to use asiago, cheddar, and ricotta cheeses in it. Lasagna also is delicious when you add vegetables to it!”

While she enjoys her current position, OunJanice has a desire to return to the medical field where she started her professional journey as a phlebotomist. She likes “being busy, helping people, and working around others.” Since she is only a few credits short of receiving a medical office certificate, she plans to complete the necessary courses.