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Employment Services Team Eager to Assist Alumni

Four people posing at a Your Career is Waiting sign

Whether you are a recent MTC graduate or have been in the job market for years, MTC Student Employment Services (SES) can help make your job search a success.

“Making sure our alumni have all the tools they need to achieve their employment goals is a priority for SES,” said Wayne Marter, SES Program Director. Each year Marter organizes on-campus events that invite alumni to meet one-on-one with recruiters. Events like the upcoming Career Day for students and alumni on September 12 at the Airport Campus. Career Day begins at 10 a.m. and continues until 1 p.m.

Marter leads an employment services team that is dedicated to helping alumni achieve their career ambitions.

Ellen Jones, SES Program Coordinator, meets regularly with alumni to discuss how careers and job seeking has changed over time, and what might be the next path for one’s future. Recently, Jones assisted an alumnus who lost his job due to a corporate layoff. After a dramatic resume rewrite and discussing the best next steps, the alumnus soon found employment that opened doors to a successful future.

"I love being able to teach graduates how to market their skills and make themselves stand out in resumes, cover letters, and interviews,” said Jones. “This is important for anyone in a job search, and I love watching confidence increase as someone discovers and realizes that they do have much to offer an employer.”

SES Program Coordinator Michael Robbins is continually working with local employers on opportunities for students and alumni. Robbins recently presented at a South Carolina State Technical College System professional development conference on New Directions in Student Development.

“It is music to my ears when people call to say they just got hired,” said Robbins. “Being able to help someone further develop their talents and see their personal and professional goals come to fruition is why I love my career-development position.”

Brenda Mitchell, SES Program Coordinator, enjoys meeting individually with alumni to support career development.

“I take pride and enjoy helping and sharing resources that students and alumni can use to be self-sufficient and successful in finding their next job or career,” Mitchell said. “It’s self-gratifying when you can make a positive impact by helping others.”

For information on how SES can assist in your job search, or to view full-time and part-time job listings in the community, visit the SES website.