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Veteran Learns Work Skills, Pursues her Dream with Help from MTC Foundation Scholarship



Close-up portrait of MTC student Kironi DugarKironi Dugar took 21st Century Life Skills
classes through a grant from the MTC Foundation.


Midlands Technical College student Kironi Dugar was able to participate in Midlands Technical College’s (MTC’s) 21st Century Life Skills classes through a grant from the MTC Foundation. A veteran of the U.S. Army who had not attended school in many years, Kironi said she was amazed to learn from her life-skills courses that there was room for improvement in many areas of her life.

“My reason for being a part of this program was to get a better understanding on how to become successful in the Human Services arena,” she said.  “I wanted to learn how to better communicate with the individuals I may encounter and learn how to recognize and service their needs.”

Also a student in MTC’s Human Services Program, Kironi said with the education she is getting at MTC, she one day she hopes to work with physically or sexually abused women and children, or children that have become part of the juvenile system.

“I want to help them from becoming adult offenders,” she said. “However, my ultimate career vision is to go into business with my sister, who currently specializes in behavior health.”

Kironi feels optimistic about her future, and she is thankful for the support of the MTC Foundation for giving her the opportunity to learn. 

“At the 21st Century Work Skills Certificate Training, I learned how to communicate. When I say communicate, I learned to listen more to what people had to say. Often, I find myself listening without processing what someone is truly trying to get across to me.”


Kironi, wearing army fatigues, posing with another officer in front of a humveeKironi, an Army veteran, says communication and
teamwork are critical skills in today’s job market. 


She said her skills training taught her how to slow down and take time to process what someone had to say. Only then, could she gather her thoughts and present her feedback and opinion on what the person said.

The 21st Century Work Skills Certificate Training Certificate prepares students to be successful at work by building the core set of skills employers value most. In a recent survey, employers ranked professionalism, teamwork, critical thinking, and verbal communication as the most important skills in the workplace.

“I was taught the importance of teamwork, and in the Human Services world, teamwork is a must,” said Kironi.

After finishing her associate degree in Human Services, Kironi plans to transfer to Columbia College, majoring in social work. Later she would like to pursue a master’s degree.

“My passion has always been assisting others and trying to improve their quality of life,” she said.

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